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Preview and Play Online Videos with Bing

Here is a neat feature for Bing video search feature that Google doesn’t have. On Bing you can search for videos by topic then then preview or play the video without leaving the website. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait for the website that actually contains the video to load along with all the ads or viruses. You can also right click the video and select open in new window without your search result page being lost. The new window can sized to fit the video then be moved to another monitor. With multiple video windows playing on a second monitor at the same time this can have many uses.

Try it out at


Speed up your internet browsing by blocking ads

Speed up your internet browsing by blocking ads that appear on the page. Each time you visit a webpage it stops to load an ad as you scroll down the page. Just visit the website below with each of your browsers and install the free software.