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Asus RT-AC1900P favorite wireless router

The Asus RT-AC1900P wireless router is the one we currently recommend to everyone. This is an updated version of the older RT-AC68U model. The wireless router has all the necessary features and not the most expensive one. This also replaces our last recommended router Asus RT-AC66U. Call and make an appointment and we can install it in your office or home.

The features most people will care about are
Wireless AC 1300
Same speed dual core 1.4 ghz CPU as the higher priced models
Create your own VPN to your home or office
Can be used as a wireless network extender or access point

Read more info at Asus’s website

You can purchase it at Best Buy for about $200

asus rt-ac1900p

Internet wireless router security issue

There is a wireless router security issue affecting all manufactures. Hackers can take remote control of your router. This can be fixed with a software update downloaded from their website. All you need to know is the model and version number listed on the bottom of the router. The version number follows the model number for example WRT54G v4. Their website will have upgrade instructions or call their support number. You can also call us and we can perform the upgrade. If your router was supplied by your internet provider contact them for more information.

Asus RT-AC66U and Asus RT-N66U our favorite top of the line WiFi routers

When asked about what top of the line routers we would recommend this used to be an easy answer. We used to always recommend Linksys routers, but since Cisco bought them out they have declined in reliability year after year. The worst part is Cisco’s recent decision to control the router configuration from their end with what they call as Smart Router. You have to create an account with them in order for you to configure your router. After you read their fine print what this also meant was that they can monitor where you go on the internet. Also if Cisco/Linksys wants to they can turn off your router remotely because of the websites you visit.


We have chosen to use Asus top of the line RT-AC66U and RT-N66U routers for our WiFi network installations. These models have received great reviews and we have personally tested them in our own networks. The WiFi has great signal range, the router can process 40% more transactions at the same time, and the router is rock solid stable. After the easy initial setup process we upgraded the firmware ‘software’ of the router to version The firmware upgrade can be done easily directly from the router setup page.

The difference between the two routers are that the RT-AC66U supports the new ‘AC’ WiFi standard that supports 1300Mbps speed with compatible hardware. The RT-N66U supports the current ‘N’ WiFi at 450Mbps.

The other great features are;

You can visually see how much data is going through the router


You can connect a USB hard drive to share/stream files, pictures, videos, music or Printer directly to the router.

There is also a VPN server built in so that you can securely connect to your network remotely and have your computer act as if it was on your business or home network.

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