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Cryptolocker Ransomware Prevention Program

Cryptolocker ransomeware type of viruses go by the names of FBI virus, CBT locker, cryptowall, crowti, Teslacrypt, nymaim and others. They basically try to get you to give them money so that you can access your computer and files again.

There is a program called CryptoPrevent you can install on your computer to help prevent ransomware type of virus infections. It does not remove the virus on your computer and your computer must currently be free of viruses. First run a virus scan on your computer then download and install the program. When the program opens up select default and click apply. The free version does not update itself so you have to check for updates manually as shown in the picture below. The paid version provides automatic updates.

You can download the program from the company’s website at



Preview and Play Online Videos with Bing

Here is a neat feature for Bing video search feature that Google doesn’t have. On Bing you can search for videos by topic then then preview or play the video without leaving the website. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait for the website that actually contains the video to load along with all the ads or viruses. You can also right click the video and select open in new window without your search result page being lost. The new window can sized to fit the video then be moved to another monitor. With multiple video windows playing on a second monitor at the same time this can have many uses.

Try it out at


Windows XP protection after April 2014

Here are some simple things to protect your Windows XP computer.


This goes for any computer PC or Mac you have make sure you have only one installed working antivirus program. Open the antivirus program you have now and check the version number is the latest. All antivirus program companies release yearly program version upgrades make sure its the latest one. You can check the current version by visiting their website. If you have Symantec antivirus you can visit their website for an online scan for program updates . Second check to make sure its last definitions update was today. If you don’t want to pay for one then you can install a free one. You first have to uninstall your current one through ‘add or remove programs’ in control panel. You can then install Avast free edition at . There are no perfect antivirus programs that we can recommend but having a single functioning one is better than nothing. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 you can also install Microsoft Security Essentials . For Windows 8 there is a built in one called Windows Defender.

Web Browser

Do not use Internet Explorer instead install Firefox or Chrome and make one of them the default. Uninstall Java through ‘add or remove programs’ in control panel there maybe several of them. Install the latest Adobe Flash for Firefox just make sure to uncheck the optional offer they try to sneak in there. Chrome updates Flash on its own.

Switch to a Limited Account

Open ‘User Accounts’ in control panel and create a new account with ‘Computer Administrator’ rights and a password. You can give it any name like ‘AdminOne’ just so you know that this account is only for use when you want to install programs or make changes to your computer. Then change your current account to a ‘Limited’ account by selecting ‘Change the account type’.