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Asus RT-AC1900P favorite wireless router

The Asus RT-AC1900P wireless router is the one we currently recommend to everyone. This is an updated version of the older RT-AC68U model. The wireless router has all the necessary features and not the most expensive one. This also replaces our last recommended router Asus RT-AC66U. Call and make an appointment and we can install it in your office or home.

The features most people will care about are
Wireless AC 1300
Same speed dual core 1.4 ghz CPU as the higher priced models
Create your own VPN to your home or office
Can be used as a wireless network extender or access point

Read more info at Asus’s website

You can purchase it at Best Buy for about $200

asus rt-ac1900p

Stronger WiFi with Powerline Networking

Did you ever need to have a stronger WiFI signal in another part of your home or business then this product is for you. I have had success installing it in homes where the customer wanted a better signal on another floor of their home without running additional wires. The way it works is it uses your power outlet as a network wire and creates a second WiFi connection. You can configure the device with the same WiFi name and password. This way when you walk from one end of your space to the other your computer will switch to the stronger signal.

Netgear Model: XWNB5201


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